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iWitness John's Dad Steve Rainbow (104 Films)
Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang) Bouncer at Soul Club Stewart Sugg (Sky Pictures/Pagoda Films)
Buried (Award - Winning Short) The Gardener Justin Edgar (104 Films)
We Are The Freaks Desk Sergeant Justin Edgar (104 Films)
The Casebook Of Eddie Brewer Mike Blunt (Co-Producer also) Andrew Spencer (Rookery Prod/A Spencer Film)
FLED (Sci-Fi Short - SF4813) CIA Agent Bradley & V/O Brendan O'Neill (Stickleback Productions)
The Quiet One (Post Production) Dave Jon Pegg (The Quiet One Ltd)
N.F.A. (No Fixed Abode) Charlie Steve Rainbow (104 Films)
The Knicker Thing Roadie Michael Baig-Clifford (Indie-Christopher Timothy)
Jim's Gift Arthur T Bowen Bob Keen (Dandelion Films)
The Big Game Drunken Duncan Bob Keen (String Of Pearls)
Determination Danny's Dad Justin Edgar (104 Films)
Twist Of Terror: A Bird In The Hand Jim Fairfax Tony Clarke (Laughing Canary TV)
Containment (Sci-Fi) Operative (Lead Voice) Steve Waterfall (Seventh Circle Films)
Evil Resident Vincent Price style Narration plus ALL Sound FX Mark Lynall/Mark Pressdee (Lynall Pressdee Films)
Call Back Ian (Lead - Voice) Stewart Addison (Film Division)
Knights & Satellites Tom O'Malley Phil Scala (Phil Scala Prods)


The Archers Keith Horrobin (New Series Regular) Peter Leslie Wild/Rosemary Watts (BBC Radio 4)
Hood (Noble Secrets) Parts 1 & 2 Brother Tuck / Captain Henri / Ked Ian Meadows (Spiteful Puppet)
Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords (2 Episodes) Jakardros, Farmer Grump & Grobares John Ainsworth (Big Finish Prods)
Ambridge Extra (Archers Spin-Off Series 4 (5 Eps) Keith Horrobin (New Series Regular) Fiona Kelcher/Julie Beckett (BBC Radio)
Watership Down Silver Peter Leslie Wild (BBC Radio)
Horrid Henry (24 Stories) Narrator (Over 60 characters) Suzanne Goldberg (BBC Radio)
Fight For The Remote (Audio Comedy Series) Comedy Characters Dexter O'Neill/Helen Oakleigh (Fantom Films)
Doctor Who - Time Reef (3 Parts) Captain Lucor / Coris / Mr Phyton Barnaby Edwards (Big Finish Prods)
The Wild Duck (Ibsen) Hjalmar Ekdal (Lead) Helen Oakleigh (Fantom Films)
The Silver Pigs (Lindsey Davis) Pertinax / Julius Peter Leslie Wild (BBC Radio)
The Worst Street in London (Fiona Rule) Narrative Character Inserts (Audio Book) Dexter O'Neill (Fantom Films)
London's Labyrinth (Fiona Rule) Narrative Character Inserts (Audio Book) Dexter O'Neill (Fantom Films)
8 Classic Children's Stories Over 50 characters Daniel Edwards (CBeebies Radio/BBC Radio 7)
Doctor Who - The Davros Mission Guz / Allydon Nicholas Briggs (Big Finish Prods)
Dalek Empire - The Fearless (4 Part Mini-Series) Kenzie plus over a DOZEN more characters Nicholas Briggs (Big Finish Prods)
Scorched Taxi Driver Peter Leslie Wild (BBC Radio)
The Ghost Train (Arnold Ridley) Doctor John Sterling Dexter O'Neill (Fantom Films)
Gaslight (Patrick Hamilton) Mr Manningham (Lead) Dexter O'Neill (Fantom Films)
The Archers Terry Keri Davies (BBC Radio)
Doctor Who: The Lost Stories - Point Of Entry Iguano (Spanish) / Captain Garland John Ainsworth (Big Finish Prods)
The Devil's Spectacles (A Ghost Story) Narrator (Audio Book-Wilkie Collins) Dexter O'Neill (Fantom Films)
Bollywood Jane - Woman's Hour Serial (5 Eps) Mac Kate Chapman (BBC Radio)
Miss Jeromette And The Clergyman (A Ghost Story) Narrator (Audio Book-Wilkie Collins) Dexter O'Neill (Fantom Films)
Silver Street John Lennon Naylah Ahmed (BBC Radio/Asian Network)
Big Cook, Little Cook - Series 3 (6 Eps) Over a DOZEN characters Nicky Grischotti (CBeebies Radio/BBC Radio 7)
I, Davros (Innocence) Councillor Quested (Father of Davros) Gary Russell (Big Finish Prods)


Papa's Boy - Animated Short (2012 Oscar Long-List) All Character Voices (Family of Mice & Cat) Leevi Lemmetty (BreakThru Films / Ink & Light)
Rex the Runt - Series 2 (13 Eps) Over 30 characters Richard Goleszowski (Aardman/BBC)
Peaky Blinders (BBC) Episodes 5 & 6 Group ADR (Brummie Characters) Hannah McBride (Voice Activated)
Little Prairie Dogs (10 Part Series) All Male Voices Laura Smith/Stephen Dunleavy (CBeebies - BBC TV)
Weaving The Town - Audio Drama Docs Gripper, William, Samuel Scriven & Tomkinson Peter Leslie Wild (Museum of Carpet)
Alpo Finds Alma (Book App for iPhone/iPad/Android) Narrator Leevi Lemmetty (Tapisodes Ltd)
Papa's Boy (Book App for iPhone/iPad) Narrator Tamsin Lyons (Tapisodes Ltd)
Ultramachines - A Warhammer 40,000 Movie Various Characters - Animation Guide Voices Bob Thompson/Martyn Pick (Codex Pictures)
Corporate 'Star Wars' Characters Lisa Dimbleby/Phil Wright (FMI)
Corporate '007' Characters Phil Wright (Wright Obara)


Peaky Blinders (BBC) Episodes 5 & 6 Group ADR (Brummie Characters) Hannah McBride (Voice Activated)
Doctors (Gravy On That?) Den Wilton Christopher Timothy (BBC Television)
Venus and Mars (The Afternoon Play) Wine Seller Nick Jones (BBC Television)
No Angels Danny the Paramedic David Jackson (Channel 4)
The Shop (Sitcom Pilot) Postie Campbell Foster (Radical Sheep Media)
2@ (Comedy Sketch Show) Office Manager Pablo Raybould, Ben Manning (2@ -
Resnick Racist Yob Peter Smith (BBC Television)
Woof (Mr Wonderful) Colin the Valet David Cobham (ITV)
It's Not All Bach & Botticelli (Quiz Pilot) Comedy Impressions Linda Maher (BBC Television)
Relatively Speaking (Prime-Time Quiz Show) Comedy Characters Bob Cousins (BBC Television)
Ordinary Lives - Dale Winton (Comedy Pilot) Rugby Captain Andy Smith (BBC Television)
The Bill (Love and War: Part 2) Landlord of the Thames Tavern Ian White (ITV)
Jupiter Moon Space Pilot Centaur (Voice) Henry Foster (BSkyB/Andromeda TV)
Boon (Bully Boys) Librarian Brian Lighthill (ITV)
Bum Note Pest Paul Green (ITV - Spiv Prods)


Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat / Humpty Dumpty Robert Marlowe (Paul Holman - Barnsley Civic)
Frankie's Monster The Narrator Richard Williams (Unicorn/Arts Theatre - Leic Sq)
Stig Of The Dump Ted Snarget / George the Robber Richard Williams (Unicorn/Arts Theatre - Leic Sq)
Stig Of The Dump (No.1 Tour) Ted Snarget / George the Robber Richard Williams (Clarion Productions)
Destiny (David Edgar) Tony Perrins Jeremy Meadows (Birmingham Library Theatre Co)
A Midsummer Night's Dream Bottom Patrick Hayes (Find The Light Productions)
Paddy Irishman, Paddy Englishman & Paddy... Peter Anthony Clarke (Birmingham Rep/Tricycle Theatre)
Peter Pan Smee Anna Farthing (MAC)
Between (National Tour) Ade Chris O'Connell (Theatre Absolute)
Good King Wenceslas Snot Christopher Lillicrap (Warwick Arts Centre)
The Three Musketeers Porthos Michael Dyer (Palace Theatre, Redditch)
Romeo and Juliet Friar Lawrence Michael Dyer (Palace Theatre, Redditch)
The Tempest Boatswain / Adrian Laura Harvey (Derby Playhouse)