5 ft. 10 in.
162 lbs.


Emmerdale Role: Neil Morris Director: Tony Dowd, ITV
Twirlywoos (BBC) Series 4 Role: Valentino (Tall and taller) Director: Nigel Harris, Ragdoll Productions
Twirlywoos (BBC) Series 3 Role: Luigi (Down) Director: Nigel Harris, Ragdoll Productions
Twirlywoos (BBC) Series 2 Role: Gary (Wedding) Director: Dirk Campbell, Ragdoll Productions
Ant & Dec's Sat Night Takeaway ITV (Win the Lads) Role: Council Officer Director Paul Mackay, ITV
Wintree (CH4 Pilot) Role: John Director: Thomas Goddard, Red Robin Media
Twirlywoos (BBC) Series 1 Role: Peter Director: Dirk Campbell, Ragdoll Productions
My Dear Uncle (TV Pilot) Role: Vijay Malhotra Director: Shiraz Khan, Aim High Productions
Black Ops (Discovery Channel) Role: Johnson World Media Rights
UFO Europe (National Geographic) Role: Cecil Pioneer Productions


Coca Cola - Across the Tracks TVC Role: Hero Director: Andy Fogwill, Landia Films
Screwfix TVC Role: Powerwasher man Dir: Jamie Cadwell, Wordley Production
Hasbro Gaming TVC Role: Dad Director: David Groundwater, River Film
Nurofen - Your Body Today Role: Lead Scientist Director:Nick Bartleet, Kode Media
Mick George Role: Affluent Neighbour Director: Ryan More, Affixxius Films
Sandoz Role: Doctor Director: Lico Rosales, Minikin Media
Jaguar Land Rover Role: Affluent customer Director: Casey Henessy, Production Factory
TD Waterhouse Role: Affluent man Director: James Fuller, Paradigm Creative Role: Business Man Director: Jake Russell
Addicts Group ( Role: Mentor Director: Simone Mascagni


HST2 Role: Father Director: George Milton
Really Simple Systems (Corporate) Role: Business man Director: Gary Cassey, Cass Productions
Imbruvica (Corporate) Role: Doctor Simon Wilson, Big Pink Productions
Regrets (Short) Role: Adam Director: Ashley Chin
Love on the Line (Short) Role: Avinash Director: Terence Addo-Mills
David and Goliath (Feature) Role: Gathon Director: Tim Chey, Fallen State Productions
Alexander the Great (Short) Role: Artabazos Director: Megan Horvath
Nyctophobia (Short) Role: Felix Director: Andrew Loveridge
Asylum (Short) Role: Abdullah Director: Nic Ferguson-Lee
Love is Pain (Short) Role: Brad Director: Terrence Addo-Mills
Night Walker (Short) Role: David Director: Mike Hallet, Mica Films
Schindler (Corporate) Role: Commuter Director: Aaron Bradbury, NSC Creative
BAE Systems Chairmans Awards 2013 Role: Presenter Director: Daniel May Creative, Mammoth Events
The Night That Would Not End (Short) Role: Andrew Director: Shady Qudsi
Recruitment Film (Corporate) Role: Dave Director: Oliver Smyth
Buskered (Short) Role: John Director: Bartosz Dzidowski


64 VICTORIA - Westminster Council Affluent Man Kerriann Clem, TPD, New York
Avanti Gas Architect Michon Creative
Tesco Husband John Adrian, Hangar Seven
Fircroft Welder Ben Richardson, See That
Swinton Insurance Employee Richard Pearson, BJL Group
Moods/couples Affluent guy Tim Butcher, Relate charity
Advanced Propulsion Systems Vehicle engineer Monty Rakusen, Rakusen
Dixons Father Chris Kirkwood, Hangar Seven
KLM Airlines Aircraft Engineer Monty Rakusen, Rakusen
European Lung Foundation European man Lyndsey Williams
Caesar's Entertainment Customer Keith Sammels, Law Creative
Masculinity and True Emotion Business Exec Thomas Fieldon
CBS Outdoors in Amsterdam Young Executive Business Man Undercurrent Brands
French Riots Poster campaign Policeman Curtis and Strong Studios


Some Days are Special (Short) Role: Father Director: Alan Colegrave
X-Men Audio Drama (Web series) Role: The Vanisher Director: Karl Dutton
Wintree (Radio Drama) Role: Presenter (John) Director: Josh Philips
King of Rome (Radio Drama) Role: Mr Fanshaw and Arthur Director: Peter Beeston, Cornucopia Radio
True Story (Web series pilot) Role: Narrator (Lead) Director: Sophie Cook
Piranha (Short) Role: Fadil Director: Elcid Asaei, Crimson Black Ltd
Rise of the Departed (Horror Audiobook) Role: Gareth Director: Alex Goulding


Anne Boleyn (Howard Brenton) Role: Henry Barrow Director: Gordon Parsons
Badgers Gymnastics Opening Ceremony Role: 007 (Lead) Director: Zaff Malik
Piloting fixed wing aircraft - I have 170 hrs on a Private Pilots Licence, I am current. Riding high performance road motorcycles. Stage Combat skills in unarmed close combat, small and long sword (BASSC)