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5 ft. 9 in.
175 cm.



THE SISTERS BROTHERS (2018) Horse-dealer Jacques Audiard - Annapurna Pictures
UNDERCOVER HOOLIGAN (2016) Goodall Nicholas Winter - Picture Perfect
6 DAYS (2017) OB Technician Toa Fraser - Vertical Entertainment
CROWHURST (2017) Ronald Simon Rumley - Great Point Media
THE GATES OF VANITY (2016) Ben (lead) Suj Ahmed - Future Focus
THE RENATA ROAD (2017) Percival Lamb (lead) Ed Greenberg - Beyond the Bar
Change in Play (2017) Jack (lead) Nathan Maguire - Family Codd
MAKSYM OSA (2015) Prokopius Vogel (lead) Ivan Sautkin - Pronto Films, Kiev
ROCK AND A HARD PLACE (2013) Bill (lead) Andy Williams - London Film Entrepreneurs
PUSSY CAT (2012) Gregorz (lead) Simon Wharf - BROD Productions
Zombie RESURRECTION (2012) Dr Christopher Sykes (lead) Andy Phelps and Jake Hawkins - Charmed Apocalypse
I Remember April (2010) Dougie (lead) Rob Hurtt - Ubik Kollective
BROKEN (2006) The Man (lead) Adam Mason - Brand-Mason Ltd
DUST (2001) Adolf (cameo) Adam Mason - Paranoid Celluloid
THE 13th SIGN (2000) Riley (lead) Adam Mason, Jonty Acton - Paranoid Celluloid


Undisclosed project (2018) To be announced Bruce Goodison - Channel 4
GENIUS: Picasso (2018) - FOX 21 TV / National Geo Inspector Robert Laura Belsey - National Geographic, Fox 21
GENIUS (2017) - FOX 21 TV / National Geographic Jakob Einstein Ron Howard - Fox21 / Imagine / NatGeo
SPIRITUAL WARRIORS - The Possessed Possessed Man Geoff Browne - Illuminare Entertainment
NO SWEAT Carpenter Alex Kirby - BBC
THE BILL Homeless Man Peter Lydon - Thames TV

Short Film

THE LOCK KEEPER (2019) Lock Keeper (lead) Rob Hurtt - Ubik Kollective
YEAST (2017) Baker (lead) Elliot Gonzo Felton - Lucid Interval
POSITIVE (2015) Giver (lead) Razvan Barseti - LFS
Wakeful (2014) Dr Artym (lead) James Peacock
TREASURE (2014) Rinser (lead) Niall Trask - The Kill Shop
A KISS SO WARM AND TENDER (2013) Noel Bradley Rob Hurtt - Ubik Kollective
Tourmalet (2012) Jack (lead) Steven Lee
GLICK'S LAST TOUR (2012) Nathan Baldwin (lead) John Henry Owen - Slate 7 Films
Natascha Kampusch (2011) Wolfgang Priklopil (lead) Becky Dale-Everett
Le Morte de BENJAMIN Thomas Hollander (lead) John Henry Owen - Slate 7 Films
Celestrial (2010) Father Anthony (lead) Ross Cameron
OCTOBER (2011) Lev (lead) John Henry Owen - Slate 7 Films
THE HOST (2010) Dr Wilson (lead) Max von Vier - Production London
Dangerous Toys (2003) Prof (cameo) David Devjak
COME OUTSIDE (2003) Noel (lead) Rob Hurtt - Ubik Kollective
A Perfect Time (2003) Guard
THE BRACKET (2002) Samuel Rosie Wilkinson - Camden Films
HOBGOBLIN (2001) Nick Mark Forbes - Great White Shark
WAY OUT (1997) The Fugitive (lead) Jonny Acton / Adam Mason - LFS


DEATH OF THE KING Old Bill (lead) Rosanna Mallison - ImmerCity, 2017
Dante's INFERNO Virgil (lead) Matthew Tosca - VoxVanguard, 2016
CANDIDA (George Bernard Shaw) Burgess (principal) Jack O'Connor - ACT, 2016
A LESSON FROM AUSCHWITZ Rudolf Höss (lead) James Hyland - Brother Wolf, 2015
THE SPRUCE GOOSE Harley (lead) Ncube - The New Theatre Company, 2015
PRESENT PERFECT Dennis ("Hugo") Mark Shaer - Sturdy Beggars, 2015
IN A HOLE Sir Robert Royle (principal) Biba Lille-West - Frankland West, 2014
THE DINING ROOM George Farrar (monologue) Biba Lille-West - Frankland West, 2014
VILLAGE WOOING (George Bernard Shaw) A. (lead) Jack O'Connor - Sturdy Beggars, 2013
IN MEMORIAM Paul (lead) Mark Shaer - Sturdy Beggars, 2012
THE DUMB WAITER Gus (lead) Jack O'Connor - ACT, 2010
HUGHIE Erie (lead) Mark Shaer - ACT, 2008
KNUCKLE Curly (lead) Jack O'Connor - Sturdy Beggars, 2008
THE BESPOKE OVERCOAT Morry (lead) Jack O'Connor - Sturdy Beggars, 2007
MARX Bodfish (principal) Jack O'Connor - Sturdy Beggars, 2006
THE WEIR Jack (lead) Chris Schuessler - Real Theatre Company, 2005
ANDROMACHE Menelaus (lead) Conrad Alexandrowicz, 2004
DANCING AT LUGHNASA Father Jack (principal) Paul Kloegman, 2004
THE PASSION (open air, Clapham Common) Pontius Pilate (principal) Rosie Wilkinson, 2002
TIME AND MISS TICK Julian Goldberg (lead) Andrew Neil - Caberact, 2000
EDWARD II Edmund (principal) Jayne Harper - Lazarus, 2000
SPIDER'S WEB Oliver Costello Keith Myers - English London Theatre, 1999
MURDER IS EASY Rector/Rivers Lionel Chilcott - Newpalm, 1998
PERIL AT END HOUSE Vyse Lionel Chilcott - Newpalm, 1998
THE BLACK MONK (Chekov adaptation) Andrei Kovrin (lead) Rupert Kingfisher - Bristol Travelling Theatre '98
GLENGARY GLENROSS Lingk (cameo) Jack O'Connor - Sturdy Beggars, 1998
LOOK BACK IN ANGER Colonel Redfern (principal) Daniele Sanderson - Theatre Niche, '97
OF MICE AND MEN Candy (lead) Chris Rees - Pukka Theatre Company, 1997
MACBETH Banquo / Old Siward Chris Rees - Pukka Theatre Company, 1996


World of Harry Potter Wandkeeper at MR OLLIVANDER's Pasha Yamotahari - Universal Studios Japan, 2018
PUB PARK PLACE Duncan Watkins (solo) Laura Napier, 2015


BACKSTAGE - THREE HORSES Committed Horse Ali Ali, 2015
THE INTERVIEW (AT&T) The Boss Ben Kent, 2012


492 KORNA KLUB - Galaxy Radio (ongoing since 2014) Father Clifford Simmonds Tony Cealy
THE BLACK MONK - BBC Radio 4 (1999) Kovrin adapted (from Chekov novella) by Rupert Kingfisher


3 HEALTH SHORTS: Depression, Breakdown, Return David Attenborough Peter J. Walsh - Shift, 2008
MATRIX (cd-rom / interactive game) Morphius (lead) Carl McCoy - Sheer Faith, 2000


ENOUGH'S ENOUGH Fascist/Futurist Gari Jones - Reflective (physical theatre), 1994
ALBATROSS/AXIS AND X Principal (various) Liv Lorent - Lorrent Ballet, 1994
Training: Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama; Drama Centre, London; City Lit, Actors Centre, Actors Temple, PEM, ongoing.